Pure Sweet Cherry Juice: More than a Pretty Face

Pure Sweet Cherry Juice: More than a Pretty Face

Pomona Organic Sweet Cherry Juice

Though today they are grown in other areas of the world, sweet cherries can be traced back to the Caucasus Mountains that run along the border of Europe and Asia. Any guesses as to which nations are home to this gorgeous mountain range? In no particular order, they include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Georgia—the homeland of the co-founders of Pomona Organic! (Ok, ok, so I saved my personal fav for last!)

As their name suggests, the sweet cherry is not as harsh in flavor as tart cherries. Your mouth does not twist and pucker with the first taste. Instead, the sweetness of the cherries will leave you wanting more. Sweet as they may be, our organic Pure Sweet Cherry juice still packs a heck of a punch in its nutritional benefits. Let’s explore…

  1. Muscle Recovery with Less Fatigue

It is recommended that the average adult consume about 4,700 mg of Potassium each day, with nursing mothers requiring around 10% more. One serving (240 mL/8.1 fl oz) of Pomona Organic’s Pure Sweet Cherry juice contains 314 mg of Potassium—about as much as 2 cups of spinach.

This crucial mineral is known to aid in muscle recovery post-workout. It fights inflammation, muscle weakness, and fatigue. For those suffering from potassium deficiency, additional symptoms often include bloating, abdominal pain, cramping and constipation. Potassium is also known to reduce the risk of kidney stones and maintain normal blood pressure.

  1. Healthy Blood Circulation

Flavonoids (pronounced Flav-O-Noids! if you’re 80/90s rapper Flavor Flav… admit it—you tried it) are a phytonutrient and powerful antioxidant that helps to fight infection.

Anthocyanin is the specific Flavonoid responsible for the red color of the sweet cherry. It also encourages healthy circulation and acts as an anti-inflammatory against painful conditions like arthritis and gout.

  1. Improved Digestive Health

Fiber prevents cramping and constipation by promoting healthy, regular digestion. By now, we are all likely familiar with these benefits thanks to multiple high-fiber products on the market. Keep in mind that our Pure Sweet Cherry contains only the fruit’s natural fiber vs. the fiber-enhanced products on the average grocery store shelves.

  1. Better Quality Sleep

Melatonin is the body’s natural regulator of sleep and wake cycles. People often take supplements of this hormone to overcome jet lag, manage insomnia, or even help find rest when they work jobs that conflict with the body’s natural sleep cycles including doctors/nurses or safety officers who work night shifts.

When combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of Potassium and Flavonoids, our organic Pure Sweet Cherry juice will help your body catch those much needed zzz’s.

A single serving of Pomona Organic’s Pure Sweet Cherry juice has a lot to offer. I enjoy mine as an afternoon pick-me-up because the sweet flavor helps me steer clear of the office candy bowl and gives me a chance to enhance my nutrient intake. That’s what I call a #winwin.

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